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Staunch Prize Shortlist

UK’s Staunch Literary Prize selects The Coldest Warrior for its 2020 shortlist

Staunch judges say:   “The Coldest Warrior has a chilling ring of authenticity, grounded no doubt in the description of the ‘jumped or fell’ death of Paul Vidich’s uncle in 1953, and the effect it had on his extended family. In creating this fictionalised account of a similar death, and its investigation two decades later by a loyal CIA on the point of retirement, Vidich brilliantly switches the stakes to make the seeker after truth one who has nothing to gain by rooting out corruption and lies, and everything to lose.

Vidich’s arresting writing style confidently pulls us into Washington’s darker world and lets us witness the actions of one era being held to account by the inquisitors of another. Aware as today’s reader must be of the almost unbelievable scandals and bad players of today’s administration, it’s impossible not to wonder what might emerge from similar questions being posed in the next few years.

A skilled writer in very assured control of his material, Vidich joins the ranks of the best cold war novelists with this exciting thriller.”

Publishers Weekly gives The Coldest Warrior a starred review:

“With The Coldest Warrior, Vidich enters the upper ranks of espionage thriller writers.”

Publishers Weekly selected An Honorable Man as one of its Top 10 mysteries and thrillers coming in 2016.  The editors at PW started with hundreds of titles in the genre, reduced that number to 60 titles and from that list selected their Top 10.  Accompanying the selection was the following citation:  Olen Steinhauer says that Vidich’s first novel, a Cold War spy thriller set in 1953, is “wonderful—an unputdownable mole hunt written in terse, noirish prose, driving us inexorably forward.”


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